Autel Series Scanners Registeration,Update,Lanuage Setting FAQs


Autel series diagnostic scanners registeration,update,laguage change frequently asked questions and answers as follows:


Q1:How to register Autel ID?
A1:Please go to Autel website to register your Autel ID with email address:

Q2:How can I found the device S/N and register password?
A2:Go to Product Registration to register your scanner, input the S/N and register password (both can be found on the About page of the tool)

If cannot turn on the scanner, send the S/N(on the back of the device) to Autel support, they will send you the register password in their server.

Q3:How to register Autel tablets MK808,MP808TS,Maxisys series?
A3:Autel tablets registeration is done with the tablet.Press register and follow system instryctions.

Q4:How to register Autel autolink scan tools?
A4:These autel hand-held scanners don’t require registration,including AL319,AL419,AL439,AL439B,AL539,AL539B,AL519,TS401 and MS609.

Q1:How to update Autel Maxisys,DS808,MK808,MP808TS ect tablets?
A1:Connect Autel tablets with the network via WIFI or WLAN cable, go to update function and select the software you need.Click “Update”and wait for completion.

Q2:How to update Autel scanner MD802,AL6199,MD808,MaxiCheck Pro?

1)Download the maxi pc suite from the official website and install it on your computer:
2)Remove SD card (recommend update by SD crad rather than USB).Insert a SD card reader with laptop via USB port.
3).Run Maxi PC Suite, login, then you will get software list, pls install all programs you need.
4). Insert SD card back to the tool and check the result.
If you have any problems with the update, pls kindly send me the S/N and pictures with error message for troubleshooting, we’ll solve the problem for you.

Q3:How to upgrade autel autolink scanners without serial numbers, like AL319 AL419 AL519?
1).Download MaxiilinkII from the official website:

2).Connect scanner with laptop via USB cable,run MaxilinkII

3).Select scanner model in MaxilinkII.make sure that the upper right corner is green, showing device connected.

4).Download the upgrade package on Autel Official website, unzip it, and select the file on maxilinkII to upgrade.

Note: There are two parts to upgrade, make sure they are all done.

5). After the upgrade is complete, remove the USB.

Laguage Change:

Q1:How to change language for Autel MK808,MX808,DS808,Maxisys series?
A1:Send the S/N to us.Autel support will change language on their server.

After that, go to the official website and download software on Update page.
If there’s no upgradeable software,run a factory reset first (system settings-reset-factory reset),then download software under Update page.

Language is changed when download software finished.

Q2:How to change language for Autel hand-held scanners MD802,AL619 ect?
A2:Send the S/N to us.Autel support will change language on their server.

After that, format the SD card, run Maxi pc suite and update all software again(same process as update).

Q3:How to change language for Autel Autolink scanners without S/N,like AL319,AL419,AL439,AL439B,AL539,AL539B,AL519?
A3:Download corresponding language pack on official website,then run MaxilinkII to update software.


Autel series diagnostic scanners FAQs:

Q1:I failed to register Autel scanner,why?
A1:The most common reason is the wrong register password(many people entered the register ID by mistake).

Register password:6-digit number can be found on device about interface.
You’d better provide us the whole registration interface and will be told where is wrong.

Q2:Autel scanner can read fault code but cannot clear fault code?
A2:Autel scanner can read and confirm fault code.After that, you need to repair the hardware fault of the car according to the fault code information.Otherwise the fault code still exist.

Q3:Autel cannot work on my car?
A3:If cannot work on specific model or function,there may be something wrong with the software or operation issue. Please upload datalog to server with vehicle model,year,VIN code and problems.

If all car software fail to work,please check the connection,especially the main test cable and VCI connection.

If a specific software fail to work, please check related OBD connector or install this software again.

Q4:Communication failure.How do I know if it is caused by VCI or handware connection?
1).Connect MaxiSys unit with VCI via USB to check if it communicates.
2).Test more vehicles.
3).Test EOBD software.
4).Change main test cable and VCI to make a comparison.

Q5:Hand-held Autel scanners ask to obtain authorization or give error SD card dismatch?
A5:The main reason is incorrect language or SD card is wrong.
1).Make sure language setting is correct.
2).Format SD card and use correct AAutel ID(provide us S/N to get correct ID).
3).Download the software and format SD card or change it may help solve the problem.


Q6:When Maxisys has stopped,how to reflash Maxisys system?
A6:Provide S/N,we’ll send reflash file to you.

Please uncompress/unzip the files first, copy the folder “autel_factory” or “autel_factory_dev” to an empty TF card. Insert the TF card to the left side slot of Maxisys, restart the tool to flash the system.


Q7:How to get system log when system error occurs?
A7:Please restart the scanner to re-produce the problem, once the problem occurred, pls go to the home screen, click on MaxiTools button, click on the Start button, wait for it to finish, then click on Upload to send the log to Autel server. You can try this procedure several times to ensure we receive the complete logs.

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