How to use Xhorse 35160DW Chip with VVDI Prog?

Xhorse 35160DW Chip is used as replacement for ST company 35080xxx,
35160xx, 080D0xx, 160D0xx ,. etc types. Please confirm you vvdi prog is with newest 4.8.1 version.

1. Backup data: Read and Save the dashboard original IC from 3 partitions(MEMORY+LONGID
+ID LOCATION) or ALL option (ALL=MEMORY+LONGID+ID LOCATION), shown as sample

2. Write data: After replace original chip by Xhorse 35160xx chip, please write step1 saved 3
dumps to each partition on xhorse chip by VVDI PROG.
3. Mileage correction: ‘Erase INC’ button is for erasing the front 2 lines, after erase INC
operation then select ALL or MEMORY option to Read data for verify, Reading data the front
2 lines should all ‘00’, manually enter the targert mileage, then click Write option, operation
4. Verify data: Soldering back the Xhorse chip to dashboard, check whether working well
without red dot.