IM508 and XP200 BMW CAS1 E65E66 all key lost add key Procedure

Autel MaxiIM IM608 is combining powerful immobilizer and key programming capabilities with advanced automotive diagnostics and service functions.IM508 and XP200 add key for BMW CAS1 E65E66 all key lost via OBD.

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Note: If you encounter any type of problem during the process, please upload the datalog on the top-right corner after failing to perform the functions. Please connect your
device to the network while performing the following functions.

Key picture:

Insert the key into key slot to turn on ignition.

Specific key programming procedure is as follows:

Notes: Add key all key lost procedure is the same

First Connect IM508/608 to the vehicle, Click on “BMW” logo. Go to “Smart mode”– >”Key learning” to perform the functions.

Make sure you read the instruction carefully before proceed the process.

Notes: Backup of the original key data is just for safety in case you did not make the new

key successfully, then you go to “system selection->cas1 immobilizer-> key operation-> restore key data”

Then next step generate new key with programmer.

Notes: Select semi-smart key if your vehicle comes with key slot, if it is a push start button, select smart key.

After new key has been generated, test the new key see if it works.