OBDSTAR X300 Pro3 Add Ford Ranger 2013 6E Chip Key Successfully

OBDSTAR X300 Pro3 key master here we will introduce add Ford Ranger 2013 6E Chip Key.OBDSTAR key programming tool is main for OBD cars models,operation is simple.


1.Prepare new key and generate remote by KD900 or VVDI Key Tool or some other tool.Program key with X300 PRO3.

obdstar x300 ford

2.Choose Mazda software,not Ford.

3.Choose BT50,and 2012-.Then “Program Keys”

x300 pro3 ford 

4.If all key lost,need at least 2 keys to complete key programming.

5.Insert the key to be programmed and turn the ignition switch,press ENTER to continue.

Security light blinks cause this key not programmed.

6.Key numbers.And security light goes off.Add key can start now.