What is Difference of X300 DP and OBDSTAR X300 PAD2 X300 DP Plus?

OBDSTAR X300 PAD2 X300 DP Plus is update version of X300 DP,and it is higher price,so many customers may be confused,what is difference,why do i need to buy Key Master DP plus?here we will give you comparison about X300 DP and Key Master DP Plus.

X300 PAD2

What is Difference of X300 DP and OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus?

Item X300 DP PLus X300 DP
1 screen size and industrial design ***** ****
2 back holder ×
3 work separately without VCI ×
4 charged by OBDII ×
5 including 4 toyota emulators ×
6 including P001 programmer ×
7 inclduing wiring harness for new functions, such as ECU cloning and switch activation ×
1 Immo
2 Mileage
4 ECU Clone ×
5 Switch activation function ×
6 Add “help” function,with built-in support carlist, upgrade annoucement,help notes and Wiring diagrams ×
7 No extraly charged software, Get all newly issued update for free during valid update time ×